A new identity for Copenhagen children’s library




The identity is based on a modular system of shapes that can form different characters and patterns. The idea is that the kids can have fun with this system – creating stories and characters of their own – and that the identity can continue to grow in many direction. [via HVASS&HANNIBAL]

Wow. The act of creation is built in to the identity of the library. Super cool.

“The result was very surprising – the children generally prefered the more simple designs, whereas the librarians prefered the more complex ones with lots of details. So in the end we decided on keeping the logo very simple with the possibilty of adding details when combining it with more of the identity’s shapes…” [via Creative Review]

Librarians preferring complexity? You don’t say!



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  1. I love this library. I took a tour with a wonderful librarian there, Kristina, and it is one of the most amazing libraries I have ever been in. Also, it used to be a shopping mall. It’s great! The focus on the user experience is a top priority for this library and that is apparent as soon as you walk in the door. Thanks for sharing.

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