smiling library people

sparkle (by aaron schmidt)

The new DCPL website (launch date of 10/1/2008!) is going to feature people in the library. At a basic level it will have pictures of real library patrons using the library and real librarians happily doing library work. Eventually it will feature people in more advanced ways, let people interact, and fall into general convention with the social web, etc… but for now, we have to make the website a welcoming place that shows the humanity of the institution. Yesterday I started taking some photos to help accomplish this.

I’m not saying I’m the next Anton Corbijn but I am rather pleased with the feelings I captured in a few of my photos, these two in particular. The boy has such a look of possibility in his eyes. This is how we want library people to feel. Curious, pleased, full of hope and awe.

You can make it happen today though the decisions you make and the interactions you provide.

excitment and possibility (by aaron schmidt)

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  1. Thanks all!

    We’re going for the “they’re in a public building and can opt out by asking us to take the pictures down if they see them and object” route. So, no, we didn’t ask permission.

  2. The Scranton Public Library, which includes the Lackawanna County Children’s Library and the Albright Memorial Library, started taking photos at all of our events. We post the photos on the blogs and have a flickr account. It’s a big hit with the kids.

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