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This morning I had the honor of giving the opening speech at the 11th Jornades Catalanes d’Informació i Documentació in Barcelona. It was my first talk with an interpreter and I entered the room in procession with the Catalonian Minister of Culture. Wow. To be honest, all of that made me a bit nervous! It went really well though and it was very comforting to realize that librarians here are dealing with the same things we are in the US.

I’ve been seeing quite a bit of the city the past few days, and I’ve uploaded a few library related pictures to Flickr: an old handwritten catalog card, the reading room in the Biblioteca de Catalunya, a bookstore called Happy Books, and some dusty bottles at one of Hemingway’s favorite place to drink absinthe. Best of all is a book exchange they’ve set up in the Metro.

I’ve seen all the touristy stuff I want to see and I haven’t quite mastered sitting around like the Barcelonistes so tomorrow I’m going to tour a few public libraries.

One last thing. The librarians at this conference, no lie, are the most fashionable people I’ve seen in Barcelona so far. Ciao for now.

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  1. This Sunday’s Philadelphia Inquirer (travel section) listed the Top 10 Best Restaurant Cities of the World, and Barcelona ranked #5! So hope you’ve been eating at some great places.
    BTW: 1) Tokyo, 2) Paris, 3) NYC, 4) London

  2. Hi there!

    Enjoyed your presentation A LOT this morning. I hope there were a lot of library managers around the room, so that they start to “think”, even if it’s only a little bit, the way you do. Shame on you you didn’t ask who plays Hotel Dusk, I would’ve had a chance to raise my hand, he he…

    I was surprised that you said that you saw a lot of CD players around. I don’t see any, anymore! Actually last week I saw one walking on the street and I thought “wow… i hadn’t seen one in months!”. If you were surprised by people raising their hands when questioned about ipods, it’s because here they are VERY expensive, and most people use other brands of MP3/4 players (sony, etc.), but most people DO use them over CD players by now.

    I guess you have a tight schedule for tomorrow. If you still feel like you want to visit one more public library, let me know and maybe we can arrange something in the afternoon, when I will be working (instead of at the conference… someone’s got to open the library!). I will be in your workshop in the morning (hopefully, although I expect the room to be FILLED UP), so I’ll make sure to approach you and at least say hi :-)

    Have a wonderful stay in Barcelona. I’m adding this walking paper right away to my google reader (along with The Shifted Librarian and other cool stuff :-)

  3. Congratulations, Aaron!
    It’s been great!
    Nice speech, funny, interesting and full of new ideas!

    (I’ve got an Ipod but I’ve been too shy to rise my hand…;P)

  4. As far as I know, a lot of us have enjoyed a lot your presentation this morning. Even those like me that come from academic libraries: we also have a funny collection of “DO NOT” signs ;-)

  5. Hi, Aaron! it was a really pleasure to meet you. It was a pity that the restaurant was so bad! I’m waiting for your presentation to be add in the website of the COBDC in order to show my colleagues of the Palafrugell public library your interesting ideas! Thank you very much!

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