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What’s the best way to come up with a name for something on your website that you’re not sure what to call? Ask the website’s users. The WCCLS did just that regarding the its subscription databases/other electronic content after first labeling them “Periodicals.”

The responders chose the term “Online Resources” as their first choice at almost twice the rate
of their second choice “Research Databases.” It hasn’t changed yet, but I’m guessing that WCCLS will respond to this choice.

Trying to come up with the right terminology for a library website isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be all guess work either. Asking even just a few people about a term is better than asking no one. This applies not only to labels on our websites, but also what to call our services. For more on usable library terms, see Library Terms That Users Understand.

Now for the fun stuff. One of the best parts about the report about the WCCLS’ study was an addendum titled “A Casual List Of The Most Creative Names Suggested.” These patron generated terms are presented here for your enjoyment:

  • All-encompassing Awesome Information
  • Brainfood at Your Fingertips
  • Cornucopia of Information – You need it, we got it!
  • Dewey’s Concoction
  • Everything But the Kitchen Sink
  • Everything You Need to Know About Anything
  • it is what it is
  • Just about everything else category
  • Lots ‘a good stuff
  • MOC (Misc. online crap)
  • Reference Rainbow
  • Regular Publications of Just About Everything Useful
  • Some of Everything
  • Stuff you need to know
  • The best info spot around
  • TMI – Too Much Info

3 thoughts on “brainfood at your fingertips”

  1. Actually, there were several variations on the “kitchen sink” theme entered, to the point we started developing a cool retro ’50s chrome kitchenette theme for News & events would be posted on the refrigerator door, for example, and we had toasters and mixers and various other appliances in mind for icons, all with a background of pink boomerangs and asterisks. It would have been keen, or boss, or whatever they said back then. Cool, in any case.

    But “Online Resources” it is. And we’re very grateful to all the keen, boss, cool patrons out there who participated!

  2. love it. you start to get more of an idea of what patron’s think about libraries when they start getting creative. i sure hope WCCLS isn’t paying very much for that MOC.

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