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Ok, so the *last* thing I ever expected to blog about is a children’s book but I came across one in the library yesterday that I liked so much I want more people to know about it. It is titled Not a Box and is about a little rabbit with an active imagination. The story is nice, but I was immediately taken with the design of the book.

Each two page spread consists of a short sentence set in a simple sans typeface accompanied by a minimal line drawing. The way the author uses space really complements the message of letting one’s imagination wander just like the book’s brown paper bag dust jacket is reminiscent of the book’s box.

The book was a Theodor Seuss Geisel Award Winner for 2007 and ALA Notable Children’s Books Winner. Antoinette Portis also wrote Not a Stick which I’m going to put on reserve.

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  1. I bought this book for my nephew almost exactly a year ago (he was about 3 at the time) and he completely adores it — he loves books that he gets to interact with, where he can tell part of the story himself and interpret what’s going on for himself. The simple design really enhances that interactive aspect where even really little kids can create their own stories along the way.

  2. I am not at all surprised by your reviewing a children’s book. The art and creativity in children’s books has long been a draw for adults with a love of play and image. You fit right in.

  3. I *heart* this book. My kids adore it too.

    In our house a stick is not a stick, it is leading a Hurrade! (parade)

    Holes in trees are fairy nests that we like to photograph and make up stories to go with. A box becomes a fort. Cushions are a mountain to be a king of. A scarf is a super hero cape. Dandelions are “wishes.”

    Children have the masters of repurposing items. We can all learn.

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