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Last Friday I had the honor of giving the first talk in the newly resurrected Margaret Chisholm Lecture series. Over 100 LIS students, alumni, and faculty spent a portion of their evening talking about the read/write web with me. LIS on a Friday night? My kinda folks for sure. I even got to meet my Flickr friend Jen Waller face to face. Nice!

They made some great posters for the event:

And had a big screen:

Here’s a pdf of my slides for the event: Libraries and the Read/Write Web. [11 MB]

Someone asked about what I read to keep up with all of the cool things happening on the web and in libraries. I managed to recommend using a feed reader and name a few blogs. I didn’t give a very exhaustive list mostly because my incoming self selected information stream is such a blur. I probably couldn’t name a quarter of the weblogs I subscribe to, I just pick out the interesting bits when they pop up.

To make up for my weak answer I promised to list some blogs that could make a little starter kit for keeping track of what’s happening with libraries and the read/write web. You’ll notice it is mostly non-library blogs. I’m not slighting library blogs, just highlighting the point that we need to get outside of the library and related writing.

Tech stuff
NYT Technology

Signal vs. Noise
information aesthetics


Pink Tentacle
Wired Top Stories

The Shifted Librarian
Swiss Army Librarian

Two more points. First, don’t click around to all of these sites every day. Use a feed reader to bring the information to you. To learn about that, see RSS in Plain English. Also, don’t limit yourself to these blogs and their feeds. Find some blogs relevant to you and your hobbies. This will get you in the habit of checking your reader frequently.

Thanks to everyone that made it a great event.

10 thoughts on “iLike the iSchool”

  1. Aaron, thanks for sharing all the wonderful information at the iSchool the other night. I ran right back and shared my notes on your presentation with my coworkers yesterday. I’m particularly interested in what you said about using front end interfaces (based on WordPress or other platforms?) to improve the performance/usability of ILS systems. Can you recommend someone who writes about this frequently, or share some strategies on searching for this? I’m sure you’re enjoying Computers in Libraries– wish I was there–maybe next year.
    Thanks also for the PDFs.

  2. Hi, I am librarian in a small documentation centre in Rome (Italy). I dowloaded the slides and noticed how reach of topics they are. But, as with other slides, they are not accompanied by any text, which could contextualizes them. Is there possibilities to download also the text of your presentations?
    Thanks very much and sorry for my bad english.

  3. Hi Aaron — thanks for the slides. I was hoping to attend, but well, I had to take the family skiing ;-)

    The links are great: One question– In the Design category did you really mean link to the conagra/artificial hot chocolate version of Swiss Miss? I’m thinking you either looooove hot cocoa or actually meant to grab the Swiss Miss designer blog:

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