who needs libraries anyways?

Jackson County, Oregon needs their library to teach some information literacy classes, that’s for sure.

Earlier this week, a man’s house was ransacked because of a prank and a severe lack of information literacy. Someone posted fake ads on Craigslist informing the world that the man’s possessions were up for grabs:

“I informed them I was the owner, but they refused to give the stuff back,” Salisbury said. “They showed me the Craigslist printout and told me they had the right to do what they did.

The driver sped away after rebuking Salisbury. On his way home he spotted other cars filled with his belongings.

Once home he was greeted by close to 30 people rummaging through his barn and front porch.

The trespassers, armed with printouts of the ad, tried to brush him off. “They honestly thought that because it appeared on the Internet it was true,” Salisbury said. “It boggles the mind.”[emphasis mine]

If you remember, on April 6th, 2007 Jackson County Library Services closed because of a lack of money. See what happens?

The libraries have since reopened under the management of the private company LSSI.

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