walking paper scraps

Downloadable audio content from the library on iPods?!?! Holy smokes.

OverDrive MP3 Audiobooks will go on sale in May at Borders.com and should be available to libraries by the end of June, to be followed with the release of OverDrive Media Console for the Mac.

OverDrive CEO Steve Potash said the policy change emerged from demand in the library market

Where does “Blue” end and “Red” begin?
Very attractive info display.

TV when you want it.
Interesting cube interface.

Nice gaming in libraries reporting from freep.
I’ve given a talk in the big room where the people are gaming! [thanks, jacob]

Apple mulls unlimited music bundle
Music rentals from iTunes? [behind lame Financial Times reg]

Paper Is Out, Cellphones Are In

Now, with 80 percent of passengers using these self-service options, the next step is electronic boarding passes, which essentially turn the hand-held devices and mobile phones of travelers into their boarding passes.

No printing paper boarding passes, not even for going through security. Cool and probably problematic.

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  1. Aaron, you made me happy wit these scraps.
    Wow, audio for iPods… But do I understand it right if it is all based on trust and not on technology?

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