guerilla circulation

Yesterday a patron called looking for Three to Get Deadly by Janet Evanovich. She was in the process of listening to the book with our book on tape when the last tape decided to fail. When she called she was in the car en route eventually to the library. I told her to see me when she arrived and that I would place a hold on the title for her, or tell her where she could go to get the item herself.

After we disconnected I had the idea to check Listen Illinois, the books on MP3 program in which we’re participating. Lo and behold, the title in need was available, as was an MP3 player. I created a book basket for the patron, downloaded the title and put it onto the player. When she arrived she immediatly inquired if I was able to find the book nearby. She was anxious to complete the story. I responded that I was able to do better than that, told her that I had it on an MP3 player for her, and explained about the program.

“Boy, will my son be proud of me,” she exclaimed. She also commented that she enjoyed the small size of the Audible Otis player.

I was pleased with the whole exchange and I’m going to make it a point to find more of these “introductory moments”* where I haven’t really looked before.

*This concept is essentially like the concept of the teachable moment except nothing really is taught. In place, services or technologies (in this case library related) are introduced.

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