Social Media Buttons Make You Look Desperate

If readers are too lazy to copy and paste the URL, and write a few words about your content, then it is not because you lack these magical buttons.

A good reminder that social media strategies are pretty lame and that the best way to get people to look at your stuff is to create excellent stuff.

Read Sweep the Sleeze.

2 thoughts on “Social Media Buttons Make You Look Desperate”

  1. In certain cases this is true, I think the more pertinent topic is execution of these features. If it is just gaudy and not incredibly relevant to the site.

    Aside from the technical background issues (that users don’t care about) clicking a button to share an article is many times easier than to copy the URL and open one’s social media site and paste there. Having the ability to share on the page is two or more steps easier. Seems like that is the whole point of UX.

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