letting the customer shine

When walking past my neighborhood Powell’s bookstore the other day I got the meet a bunch of their customers.


It made me stop and look. I was interested in the recommendations and the concept of the display, and others stopped to read as well.

Some libraries have done great things letting their customers shine online. See Hennipin County Library’s BookSpace, and the Thomas Ford Memorial Library’s Thommy Ford Abroad. With this Powell’s example we see a physical world example.

What a great move on Powell’s part. It is promoting the organization by promoting the customers. Powell’s gets out of the way and lets customers provide authentic interactions.

This marketing campaign consists of simply providing a means for their customers to have a voice. It is great answer to the oft cited question “How can I help my users kick ass?”

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  1. Aaron, This reminds me that we want to try making READ posters at Thomas Ford again of people with their favorite books. Last year, only kids took us up. I want some adults this time. I think I will have to go to them instead of waiting for them to volunteer. Rick

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