walkingpaper.org refreshed!

If you’re reading this via RSS you might not care but I’ve refreshed the look of walkingpaper.org. Not a full redesign (I couldn’t bear to change the look!), but just some updates. Upgrading to WordPress 2.3.1 and K2 RC3 pretty much forced me to redo the CSS to make the site look how it did, but otherwise it was painless.

I’m forever telling people that library websites need to be friendlier, more fun and more human, so I decided I should model this behavior. The about section has some additional info and a picture of me. Font sizes are a bit larger, links are now a nice blue instead of red and I have a friendly greeting on the front page that includes a small photo. The archive page is gone, but the sidebar is more useful and includes a tag cloud. Navigation is better because of a maybe good, maybe annoying AJAX slider at the top of the page.

Hope you like it and let me know if you find any gremlins!

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