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Here’s an update to my post flickr at IL2006 which I posted on 27 October 2006. I’m not quite sure why but I’m interested in seeing the number of photos from Internet Librarian conferences uploaded to Flickr. I imagine the totals are likely a bit high because some photos are tagged with both ILxx and ILxxxx.

il2005 – 326
il05 – 564
total – 890 (as of 27 October 06)
total – 705 (as of this post) < ---- less photos! huh?

il2006 – 1,880
il06 – 117
total – 1997 (as of 27 October 06)
total – 2190 (as of this post)

And this year?

il2007 – 2410
il07 – 131
total – 2541 (as of this post)

I made an attractive graph because it is really easy to do in Keynote.

flickr at conferences

All I can conclude from this data is that librarians are finding it increasingly fun to photograph sea lions.

4 thoughts on “flickr at IL2007”

  1. Did Keynote choose to use gridlines at one-third the maximum value, or did you? Interesting.

    And which of the values for 2005 are you charting? Hard to tell from the offset, three-dimensional chart.

    Questions asked out of pure interest, not to mirror Tufte-like purism.


  2. I told Keynote to put in 3 steps for the values, as well as the max value. It then rounded off and put in the lines.

    What’s interesting about 2005 is that IL05 was used much more than IL06 or IL07. There must have been some standardization for tag use along the way. We’re so good at that!

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