those stylish europeans!

A few years back I wrote about the nice looking website and cute icons found on the openbare bibliotheek delft (now callled the DOK?) website. Now seems to be a nice time to link back to that since the Dutch are traipsing around the USA visiting libraries.

Also I’ve been exchanging emails with a librarian in Bologna (easy anagram = on a blog) and recently saw her library’s site.
stylish euro library homepage

I have no idea if it is usable, but it is sure easy on the eyes, which is a good start. Any nominations for the best looking library website in the USA?

2 thoughts on “those stylish europeans!”

  1. NYPL – solid
    Columbus – colors not my cup of tea, but otherwise I like
    Johnson County – re-done and much improved
    Multnomah – doesn’t look like a library site (this is a plus)
    Cleveland PL – has a text/mobile version – something more libraries need to pay attention to
    Orange County (FL) – again, color scheme, not my cup of tea, but they have an interesting array of services that they are pushing out

    How about you start a Webbies for the library segment? We need another committee LAHITH but you could cull through sites (based on population?) and then open it up to voting.

    Best Accessibility
    Best Mobile version
    Best Innovative Services
    Best Redesign
    Best Use of Free Web-Hosting Service

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