Calgary Public Library: Everything You’re Into

I’m really impressed that this branding campaign was done in house at the Calgary Public Library.

Grant Kaiser, manager of marketing for the CPL sent some details:

Our “Everything You’re Into” campaign grew out of our extensive new branding project, which looked at all our interactions with customers and citizens, not just at the logo.
We tested dozens of potential slogans we developed in house with focus groups (managed by a research firm). “Everything You’re Into” was the clear winner.  People felt it was accurate, believable, approachable, and positive,  They also described it as a curious blend of inspiring and (positively) challenging – it made them think about themselves and what they liked, and then think about how the Library might help them.

All of the creative was done in-house, with the exception of the actual photography.

Once it’s over, we’ll do it again to see where the numbers moved.  We test things such as top-of-mind awareness – essentially asking if you considered using the Library recently when you needed information, wanted something to read, watch, or listen to, etc.  We also test recall of the actual campaign.

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