i like skitch

I’ve been playing around with a pretty great new (mac os x only) screen grab/image editor tool called skitch and I like it. I used it to make this graphic.


Things I like about skitch:

  • One click uploading of screen shots to flickr or MySkitch.
  • MySkitch might be a good place to store screen shots that you don’t feel like cluttering up Flickr with. It has one click copying to the clipboard for many different tasks
  • A history of everything you’ve captured or edited with Skitch. Integration with iPhoto.
  • Preferences

Skitch is in invite only beta right now and I have two invites to give away. Send me an email if you’re interested. I have a 5+(!) hour flight ahead of me so it might be a bit before I respond. Oh, and you’ll have to promise to make a graphic for me too.

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