walking paper scraps: happy friday!

Teens “need” their cell phones
Text messaging is the killer app for teens. Once again I will mention: How are libraries responding to this?

The 20 Best Hacker Movies warning: about.com lame voice ad

Today’s Web 3.0 Nonsense Blogstorm
O’Reilly on the oft present “What’s Web 3.0?” question. He doesn’t really like the term.

The Curious Origins of 9 Delicious Phrases
I bet I’m not the only librarian into etymology. I also bet I’m not the only librarian that would like to see some citations for these explanations.

1. The Cold Shoulder
Believe it or not, there was a time when giving someone the cold shoulder didn’t just mean publicly snubbing them, it actually meant handing them a cold shoulder, as in a cold shoulder of beef. During the Middle Ages, the easiest way to hint to guests that they’d overstayed their welcome was to serve them a heaping mound of cold cow parts. A few platters of nothing but shoulder were supposed to drive away even the most persistent of guests.

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