7 thoughts on “Sad Print Station”

    1. Yeah, great point. I don’t get it either!

      I think the computer numbering system and print queue numbering are different. So if a patron was on computer 1 they need to look at the print job for .36.


  1. Crazy!

    I can’t find any need for such system, even working 10 years in a library I never asked my clients to look for local pc IP’s.

  2. This is a good example of the challenges faced by pipe-dreaming library futurists, who think that all libraries should immediately run out and buy 3-D printers and video editing suites. Having worked at and with libraries who were poorly resourced in every way including in technology proficiency and interest, I can see why this might have appeared to be the best that could be done. That said, on the face of it I don’t know why they couldn’t have just changed the local PC numbering to match the last 2 digits of the IP addresses. Although that probably doesn’t reflect the existing “floor-order” of the PCs themselves, but that could be adjusted- at which point creating the conversion chart probably seemed like a good compromise solution, maybe an interim solution that just became part of the library’s furniture.

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