walking paper feed

Yesterday Newsy Blake mentioned that a whole slew of my posts from previous days showed up in his aggregator all at once. I’ve often suspected something to be up with some of the feeds coming from this site (maybe due to a hacked together redirect from when this site was run on textpattern) and I *know* that bloglines doesn’t handle it well.

If you want reliable updates from this site I ask you to make sure you are subscribed to http://www.walkingpaper.org/wp-rss2.php.

This is *supposed* to be the same as http://www.walkingpaper.org/feed, right? However, when I subscribe to /feed in gReader I get 10 new items, excluding the last three most recent posts. When I use /wp-rss2.php I get 15 new items, all up to date. Both feeds work equally as well when looked at through Safari’s feed reader. Any thoughts from the lazyweb on this are welcome! Should I get locked in to FeedBurner?

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