As people were filtering into the room to sit in on a class of mine tonight, I had my Bloglines account up. Lo and behold someone mentioned the article in Time titled “Meet Joe Blog.” His comment was something to the effect of, “Those blogthings are a big deal!” It was his first introduction to the subject.

I was slightly taken aback as to how mainstream blogs are.* My response was that yes, blogs are neato and I asked if anyone would be interested in learning about blogging. No one else had read the article, so I gave a quick explanation of the subject and a few people seemed to think it was a cool concept.

Maybe a class on blogging is in the works for the library patrons.

*I hope as they get even more common, we all will be exposed to less metablogging. Will they become so blasé that we don’t have to read or think about them anymore? I bet the only writing going on about, say, landline telephones is in relation to people using cellular (or satellite or VoIP) telephones. Landlines are so accepted (in developed countries) that not many people find their use interesting. I bet it will be quite some time until that’s the case regarding blogs. I hate to be negative, but it is getting a bit repetitive. Am I wrong? (And yes, I’m well aware that I’m propagating the repetition. ;) )

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