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There are a slew of very low barrier to entry webpage creation tools, one even claiming to be a Simple Content Management System. As if blogging weren’t easy enough, here are a few tools that are quick and dirty but might come in handy.

Displaying text on the web doesn’t get any easier than using jotit.com. There’s no registration, you can create a custom URL (http://walkingpaper.jotit.com) and even change the color of the page. And it spits out a Atom feed if you ask it to.

How many times have you started a blog via blogger.com for practice or as a test? How many times have you forgotten about it afterwards? Here’s a tool that is designed for you to forget about it. disposableWebPage.com is a MediaWiki installation that lets anyone make pages and set an expiration date from 0 to 90 days. This might be useful for those top secret spy communiqués, or perhaps delivering information to library patrons. I find the idea of intentionally ephemeral webpages interesting.

Here are a few ideas example uses for these quick and dirty webpage creation tools:

  • sharing/group editing of meeting/project notes across employees, or across libraries
  • creating subject guides, bibliographies, or assignment guides for students
  • keeping track of books to buy
  • keeping track of which movies the library owns when out shopping for items
  • tricking a reluctant staff member into blogging (jk)

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