nintendo DS service stations

You all are playing around with the Nintendo DS, right? The awesome handheld gaming system that features titles such as (my favs) Brain Age, Cooking Mama, Trauma Unit, and the game that’s practically an interactive eBook – Hotel Dusk? It really is great device, and is, like the Nintendo Wii, fairly multi-generational.

Nintendo DS toiletry by nicolasnova

Here’s a service station that a mall in Korea created. Whilst shopping, people can recharge their DSs, and clean their touch screens. This is a fantastic example of an institution understanding the habits of their customers. Not only should libraries be this understanding in general, but some might be able to replicate this particular service.

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  1. I used to live right near the Coex mall a few years ago and it’s an incredible place. There’s a television studio inside the mall where they televised live gaming competitions. People would go crazy watching two people battle it on on huge monitors over starcraft or some other game.

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