yet another test

The nice folks at SLC want to see what blogging looks like.

I’ll even add in a video. How about Lindrider!

3 thoughts on “yet another test”

  1. Blogging looks like this too folks!

    A reaction from a fellow-librarian in the Netherlands.

    Blogging makes the word smaller (and bigger at the same time).

    Through Netvibes.

    Good Luck, Have Fun!

  2. This particular member of the SLC enjoyed your talk very much. Thanks so much!

    (I was the one who sheepishly raised my hand when you asked if there were any Librarything addicts. Guilty.)

  3. I enjoyed your presentation this morning. You certainly gave us plenty of food for thought and since I am not very savvy with this type of technology appreciated your demonstrating how they worked. We have not implemented any of these type of programs at our library.
    But it did open up the door for conversation, because it’s about how we can better serve the patron.
    About the article where you questioned whether people would “make the journey to the library” (my words…) I’m constantly amazed at how many people walk through our doors after years of living in our community and say they have never been into the library before. Then say they may have had a card when they were kids. For them I don’t think the lack of technology is keeping them away. It’s just not something they do. We have people come in and discover that they can get movies “for free!”. But the big thing is like you pointed out, the sense of community that libraries can instill through programs and the like what will bring them in and keep them. If they feel welcomed and a part of it they will return and they will show up for events and utilize the library.
    Thank you for the visit, the information and the opportunity to get a chance to learn something new.
    I imagine you’ve stirred a few pots along the way. You remind me of what my kids tell me about being more open to technology and not being afraid. (and that’s a good thing)

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