Coppla at the SFPL

Coppola went to the San Francisco library, checked out books on the Mafia, and found a deeper theme for the material.

From The Godfather Wars, an article about the making of the film.

The director researching at the library struck me as neat and from another era.

3 thoughts on “Coppla at the SFPL”

  1. I don’t understand why this strikes you as “from another era.” I know many creative people – in film, in theatre, in painting, sculpture, music, writing, etc. – who use libraries all the time! For research, for quiet space to work, for inspiration…

    It bothers me that this perception – creative people like Coppola don’t use libraries anymore – exists and gets perpetuated. It’s not true. But these sorts of misconceptions about libraries are what make it so easy for our leaders to see them as irrelevant and easily dismissed.

    We need to make people aware of how relevant libraries still are – even more so now than ever – to protect them against budget cuts and disuse!

    1. Ah! I see what lead you to this, but I think you’ve misunderstood.

      My feelings about his library visit seeming ye olde fashioned wasn’t about, in general, people getting inspiration from a library.

      It was about this no big time director in particular going to the library and doing research. I bet he has staff to do his research now.

      In all, it might be fair to say that “The Godfather” might not exist without the public library. Stories like that could be the basis of a campaign for public libraries.

      1. Thanks for the clarification! I do like using these sorts of stories as example for the importance of libraries. It’s the sort of thing many people would never expect.

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