google maps street view contest!

Ok, so I might be a bit of a geowanker, but I think the street level views on google maps is great. I wonder how long it will take for all cities to be covered…

I want to see the best library and book related images that can be found on google maps street level but can’t find them all by myself, so…

Here’s the contest:

  • Find a great library or book related image on google maps street level.
  • Take a screen grab and post it to your Flickr account, and post the URL in a comment here.
  • In one week I’ll post a list of the best images here. Which ever image becomes most favorited on Flickr will win a Ranganathan sticker and a $5 gift card to amazon!

Happy hunting!

5 thoughts on “google maps street view contest!”

  1. this attempt is truly a labor of love! I have only a copper wire connection at home (I live in the boonies – no cable even). getting google map images is PAINFUL. unfortunately, at my local libe the pc’s were missing the latest version of flash player and the maps could not be shown…

    the first pic is the main branch of the ny public library. so beautiful! (although you can’t see the lions, everyone knows them, right?) and very cool, literally, on hot muggy days. besides being a beautiful edifice, and having a extraordinary collection of books, this library has most marvelous exhibits. some of my favorites were the Dead Sea Scrolls (real, live ones – amazing to think how old they were!), a fabulous show of original drawings the cartoonist charles adams, and a wonderful and extensive show of the photographs of gordon parks. but that’s just to name a few. great place, must-see for travelers to nyc.

    the other two pics are of the main branch of the brooklyn public library, at grand army plaza. sadly, in the google pic (bklyn_libe_01), the building is obscured by the trees, so I’ve included another shot (bklyn_libe_02), from the website of the bridge and tunnel club (that’s a brooklyn, ny assoc), showing the entire grand army plaza. should you ever have the good fortune to be visiting this area, do not miss the brooklyn botanic garden, which among other things, has one of the two most celebrated japanese gardens in the US (the other being in ptld, or) AND the fabulous brooklyn museum.

    all that said (blah blah blah) i have never used flickr and don’t know if i’ve done this correctly, but here is the link to my page where you will find the three pics mentioned:

    http:[email protected]/

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