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Too bad I’m swamped at the library right now. I’d like to give Meebo Rooms a proper write up. Evidently what’s old is once again new…with a twist. Meebo Rooms are user created chat rooms that allow easy integration of media from YouTube, Flickr and probably other places. To include media for all chatters to see, all a user must do is type a URL in the chat box. Also, Meebo Rooms can be embedded into a web page ala the MeeboMe Widget.

Just to try it out quickly, I created a room called Library Fun. I used “March of the Librarians” to try out the video feature. Click through to see if anyone is playing around.

One other thing. There’s a “Search for Rooms” feature so I had to do a quick search for ‘library.’ A few rooms came up. One for Huddersfield University, one from Johnson County, and one already filled with chatting librarians called Library Society of the World.

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