library wifi, it works for me

Living in the same town where I work, I often choose a non-library location if I want to get some personal work done outside of the house. Going to the local library would be going to work. This wouldn’t be good because A) a change of scenery is very useful and B) I bet I would revert right into librarian mode if I saw someone having trouble on one of our OPACs.

So I feel like I never get to take advantage of the neat things libraries are doing. That changed today when I was early to a meeting (by 2 hours – damn Treo lying to me again! ;) ) at the Downers Grove Public Library. I spoke to one of the Reference folks I know there, and she mentioned where I could pick up a signal in the library. Hurrah!

As I type this I’m five feet from an entrance to the library on a bench. I downloaded some documents on which I’m working, and can now head to be productive whilst drinking some coffee. Personally benefitting from wireless in libraries makes me realize how thankful some people must be to have easy and free access at their libraries.

n.b. A woman walked past me watching me type. She took a few steps back and asked if there was a wireless connection in the library. I responded that there was indeed, and wasn’t that the bee’s knees.

p.s. I should stay here all day. i just overheard a mother telling her child that in a few years people aren’t going to know what books are because everything is going electronic. Then a boy walked in and stated plainly, “It smells in the library!”

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