Hundred Flowers Bloom

On Tuesday I’ll be in Seattle giving two talks for the awesome King County Library System’s 27 Things which is an adaptation of PLCMC’s Learning 2.0/23 Things. In preparation for my visit I’ve been taking a look at what the participants have been writing about and came upon a great post this afternoon. From the blog Reference, Miss Watson:

OK, these mashups are a scream – except for the hamster sudoku, that was just plain scary.
Clearly we can use the trading card maker for the RA committee plan to create a set of trading cards of the 52 authors everyone should be able to talk about with patrons.

What an outstanding idea. Author cards would be fun to give away to patrons too! “Bunny Watson’s” small post is an example of the ideas that can be generated by getting a critical mass of library staff playing with and learning about stuff on the web.

4 thoughts on “Hundred Flowers Bloom”

  1. Hey Aaron,
    Can you post the slides from your presentation today? Lots of people at my branch declined to struggle through traffic to see you in person, but they still want the “remote experience”.


    Haiku: walking paper

    Walking electrons
    is more like it – supercharged

  2. Thank you for posting the slides. I was bummed to not make it to your talk, but glad to see the slides. Thank you for coming to our library.

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