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I had the nicest exchange over IM yesterday. If there was a textbook about using IM in libraies, this would be an example of how it should work.

We’ve been available through AIM for 2.5 months now. I’ve handed out cards to YAs (and a few adults) and have them around the library for people to take. I had the chance to speak to 75 freshman and gave told them about it. (They were pretty amazed). Anywho, this has resulted in over 50 questions from about 35 patrons. (And no, I’m not counting the questions asking if I was a robot or a person). Not a bad ROI.

Session Start (AIM – me:patron): Tue Jun 08 13:13:37 2004
patron: hi
me: hi, what’s up? have a question?
me: LOTR rules
[this was germane because of her buddy icon and screen name]
patron: yah, um, how long is the Illiad/
patron: and YES!
me: pages?
patron: no, how lng would it take 2 read it?
patron: *it
me: oh, well, it depends on how fast you read! it is a GREAT book.
me: it is generally around 590 pages
me: k
patron: thts wat ive heard!
patron: WOW!!
me: well worth your time.
me: i can put it on hold for you if you like
patron: OK!!!
me: nice. what is your last name?
patron: im already done w/ the oddesey
patron: o, [patrons last name]
me: i liked the oddesey too. with the illiad i’m putting a companion guide on hold too
patron: kk[*] thnks!!
me: did you join the summer reading program?
patron: i love ancient greece and rome and egypt
patron: YUP!!
patron: both
me: awesome
patron: yep, i LOVe to read
patron: i rtead the Hobbit at 7 yrs old
patron: *read
me: that’s great. once you’re done with the iliad, we can get you started on virgil’s Aeneid
me: which is your fav LOTR book?
patron: isnt tht the Roman tale of Romus and Romolus, or is tht somethin else
patron: i like the First 1
me: in part, yes, it tells the story of the birth of Rome
me: wow, you know quite a bit about ancient greek/roman stuff! that’s awesome!
patron: yup, i wanted 2 read tht
patron: i luv it!
me: well, there’s quite a bit of ancient greek/roman stuff here, so we can keep you busy all summer. there are some really good plays too.
patron: really, id luv 2 read them
patron: and i have 2 if i can ahieve my dream of archaeolgy
patron: *ology
me: sweet. hey, i should prolly get going, but i have a cool article for you to read if you’re into this kinda stuff
patron: kk
patron: bi
me: click here
me: ok, ttyl, tell me how you like the iliad and this article!
me: it’ll be on hold for 3 days.

*okay, okay or kool kool
Note how the relative lack of decent spelling, grammar and the occasional lapse in chronical order don’t hinder the progress of the transaction.

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