stop disasters!

No, not your hair on a Monday morning. Natural disasters! If you have some time to spare, check out Stop Disasters which is a joint project of the UN and International Strategy for Disaster Reduction.

stop disasters

Each scenario is a different location with a specific natural hazard against which you must protect a village or town. The game does a great job of educating the player about making good decisions regarding fortifying the environment without being boring or dry. Another solid explicitly educational game to add to the list I put together at my post “quick educational gaming links.” No, maybe not as addictive as line rider, but still fun.

6 thoughts on “stop disasters!”

  1. I only had a chance to play one scenario (Australian bushfires). I failed miserably, but I can see it being a timesuck, especially for competitive people. And hopefully in the process, it changes a few attitudes.

    Being an Australian, the bushfire one especially is useful, and I’ll send it on to some of my friends back home, in the hope that it gets spread around.

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