if you must have signs about noise in the library…

…make them like this. Clever, humorous, and polite. Signs like this are the best because there’s added value. The reader takes something else away from the sign other than the primary message.


Kudos to Rochelle for the inspired sign. See her post “Library Flyer: It goes to 11” for her take, and a link to a Word document that you can download to have your very own template to alter! And importantly, are there really enough Bears fans in Wisconsin to argue loudly with Packers fans?

2 thoughts on “if you must have signs about noise in the library…”

  1. Hey Aaron–I was surprised about the number of Bears fans up here. I learned about it through several discussions in which I mentioned that I was from Illinois. The immediate question that follows this disclosure is “Do you like the Bears or the Packers?” Truth is, I don’t have the sports gene, so I’ve had to disappoint everyone. The bigger grudge match here is “Catholics v. Lutherans,” but didn’t think that’d fly on the flyer. ;-) Given that I don’t love the Pack, and that I’m a heathen, it’s a wonder I’ve been allowed to live here at all!

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