better than a bookmark

I don’t think I’ll ever look at a bookmark suggesting book titles in the same way again! Check out this video from the Arlington Heights Memorial Library.

This video injects the humans and humanity of the library into the library’s marketing. So much more than a static list of titles could ever do. Not that those lists don’t have their place, but this type of marketing makes a personal connection. And we all know by now that people like connecting with others, and the web is now a big part of this for many people.

This video appeared in my box as a submission for the 2007 InfoTubey Awards. There will be an awards ceremony on Tuesday the 17th of April at Computers in Libraries 2007. I get to co-host the event with Bill Spence on Info Today and Rebecca Jones of Dysart & Jones Associates. We’ve received some great submissions so it’ll be an entertaining show!

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  1. Hi Aaron,
    I’m just now back from your “Develop You Own Blog” session at NSLS. I work at Mount Prospect but I’m glad to see you giving props to our neighbor, Arlington Heights. Lots of good stuff to be learned at your class – thanks! :o)

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