someday you’ll be an oak tree!

When LIS texts are about 15 years old, they discuss the advent of movable type in the 1500s (p131), not the release of Movable Type in 2001. I guess I should have expected this. When I first read the title Taxonomies of the School Library Media Program I thought, “How about Folksonomies of the School Library Media Program?”

I know I can’t indict all of LIS education from one lousy textbook, especially when I know that there are interesting projects taking place elsewhere. However, I do think acorn line drawings are closer to the rule than the exception.

you must be joking

Slightly unsettling, don’t you think?

7 thoughts on “someday you’ll be an oak tree!”

  1. I went to Library School in the late Ninties (Queens Coll. CUNY) and our version of Katz was from ’92. I used to smile (even back then) when I read that CD-Rom bases databases were the way of the future.

    (But then, don’t blame just Library School for the time lag, most of the text-books I had in grammer school ended with the John Kennedy as President.)

  2. That diagram says to me that the child will be stunted. It lives in the shadow of the life-long learner, and thus will never have the room or the sunlight to grow and become a life-long learner itself. Unless someone comes along and cuts the life-long learner down!

  3. ok, so are the people who refuse to learn new things like a dead tree..or afflicted with rare infestations of damaging insects?

    After just reading a long chapter on networking, this was a nice diversion! :-)

  4. I finished library school in 1995, when the Internet was just being born. I can’t believe they’re using textbooks that are so outdated!

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