no phones in the library!!

Maybe you didn’t hear that Apple, Inc. released their much awaited “phone” this morning. Learn more about it at their iPhone page.

The more we know about this device, the easier it will be to stop people from using it in our libraries. From the loud calls, to the 2MP camera snapping photos, people find their way with google maps, checking their mail and screeching fingers gliding over the *buttonless interface,* let’s be prepared to stop this menace!

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  1. Come October I too will be dealing with what I predict will be a plague of these iPhones.
    “Know your enemy” is a perfect excuse to buy one, at least this is how I am justifying the expense.

  2. You wrote: “The more we know about this device, the easier it will be to stop people from using it in our libraries.” Do you mean the harder it will be?

    I just bought a new cell phone in December and — of course — now THIS comes out! Too much to pay for a cell phone, but given all that it will do…. I’ll have to investigate…

  3. I have been predicting for years that providing Internet access in libraries was going to prove a passing fad. I still believe that. But I also think because the iPhone has a slower Edge connection through Cingular but includes WiFi, you are going to have more people coming in your library than ever.

    I renewed my Sprint contract on Veteran’s Day when I purchased my Katana. So it looks like I know what phone I am getting in November 2008 (unless I wait for MacWorld 2009).

  4. Maybe if all of our cellphone-using patrons had such attractively manicured hands, our fear of this insidious trend would subside?

  5. Apple has the habit of changing the playing field, which you have tongue-in-cheek nicely highlighted in this nice posting. Of course the real question is not should we let our users (patrons, customers, reasons for being, etc.) bring their fav tools into THEIR libraries, but how can we get their libraries on their fav tools.

  6. as a PC user, who has the occassional affair with a Mac, I am secretly lusting for this phone.

    now on a librarian salary, that means i should be able to afford it in, *calculations*, as soon as I finish paying off my MLIS grad school loans.

    So, year 2038: WATCH OUT!

  7. Yes, I agree, we must put a stop to cellphones in libraries. It is vitally important that we allow only the librarians to have access to any kind of useful technology in library buildings. We must ensure that patrons DO NOT find things for THEMSELVES! We must be gatekeepers of information at all times.

  8. Heh.

    It’s not a phone, it’s a MP3 PLAYER.

    It’s not a phone, it’s a CALENDAR.

    It’s not a phone, it’s a PDA!

    No, wait… it’s not a phone, it’s a CAMERA!

    It’s not a phone, it’s a device that connects to IRRADIATING WiFi!

    It’s… it’s…. I SO want one. Of course, I got a video iPod for Christmas (thank you Santa!), and just upgraded to a pink RAZR… combined cost of which = iPhone *le sigh*

    My only question, is, where are the GAMES?!??

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