One thought on “Google’s Decreasingly Useful Search”

  1. He writes “But Google either doesn’t think so, or is so overwhelmed by its volume that it has seemingly stopped trying to keep it under control. (I’m betting on the former.)”

    Heh, he seems to be assuming google is omnipotent. There’s another possibility which seems more likely to me, Google is trying but failing to keep it under control.

    But, yeah, I generally have that experience too. Part of the way to deal with it is to just get really good at being able to judge whether a site is crap, from it’s google title, or from the first 5 seconds of looking at the page. (Google used to have a feature where you could click ‘x’ to ban a site from your search results in the future, but that seems to be gone now. I bet something like that, but more ‘social’ taking into account your friends bans, will come back).

    Another solution is going straight to sites you know are good and comprehensive. if I’m looking for electronic product reviews, I just go straight to cnet. (By ‘go straight to’, I really just mean adding the word “cnet” on to my google search, heh)

    But, hey, look at that, there is still a skill to searching and finding useful stuff even in the post-Google world. And when there’s a skill, that means there’s a value in experts who can help you with it and teach you how to do it better. For search, that’s supposed to be librarians, right?

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