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Steffen P Walz, a game designer and cultural anthropologist designed a great navigation system for his website. There are four mini games, each an archetype of a game genera: Achiever, Killer, Explorer, and Socializer. When the website viewer/game player completes a small task, the content on the web page changes. There’s also a standard navigation bar.

The first librarian to implement something like this as the interface for the the YS/YA portion of their website will get the “walking paper seal of approval” and a big handshake from me. And importantly they’ll get more use of their website.

If you check out his site, Playbe’s Place, you can try the game based navigation and read his ideas about the “military entertainment complex,” pervasive computing, “suvelitainment,” and the game generation.

2 thoughts on “game as web interface”

  1. This is a great feature. Thanks for the link. I’m an academic librarian, and I think there is use here for academic libraries as well. It seems like it could fit with subject specific webpages or departmental library pages. We create resource pages, let’s do it in a way that students would want to explore.

    Clicking/breaking/shooting one broader content item could open up more smaller, focused items. This could help students narrow their searches or topics in a creative manner. The concept isn’t any different than what many of us do now, it’s just a more enjoyable way through the research process. As an information literacy librarian, the idea of game based navigation makes sense. To me, researching is a game and a quest and something like this takes advantage of that basic idea.

    Thanks for the resource,

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