darn kids, always using the library

I run a Film Discussion Group every other Friday at the library. This past Friday I got my equipment set up rather quickly and had a few minutes before people were going to start showing up. I did some reading, organized my desk a bit, but was feeling antsy. The best thing to do, I decided, was to take a survey of the library using the useful Razor scooter technology that had been abandoned by somebody earlier in the week.

Was I ever surprised as I rolled into the Adult Services area. Sitting at a table were two people, each with laptops. We exchanged greetings and then I asked, “Hey, did you know that the library is closed?” The responded that they didn’t, but thought perhaps that the library was closing up soon since all the lights were off and there were no people in. the. entire. library.

I was there, had some time, so I asked them if there was anything I could help them with quickly. They were slightly embarrassed and responded that they had just come in to use the wireless network.

This anecdote illustrates that many potential library users crave wireless. (I mean, come on! The library on a Friday night!? Oh, wait.) I tried to get them to stay for my Film Discussion Group, and was nearly successful, but they were on a mission for connectivity. I’m sure they ended up at a commercial establishment.

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