great IM transaction

UPenn librarian Kathryn posted this amazing transcript of an IM transaction on the UPenn Library Staff Blog. There’s nothing library related in the conversation, unless you consider creating warm & fuzzy feelings library work, which you should. Another less understanding librarian could have scoffed at the seemingly random conversation initiated by the patron, but Kathryn doesn’t skip a beat. It is through these interactions that we can create good will towards our institutions. The patron here even offers to bring the librarian a snack! Enjoy this great example of IM creating community!

[15:59] [patronscreenname]: it’s gorgeous out. you should really get outside to the green.
[15:57] [patronscreenname]: man skittles and coffee are a bad combination
[15:58] Upennlib: …agreed. but do you realize you’re IM-ing the Penn Libraries reference chat account?
[15:58] [patronscreenname]: yes
[15:59] Upennlib: (I would love to get outside to the green.)
[15:59] [patronscreenname]: I always wonder who is at the other end
[15:59] Upennlib: well, then. look at that.
[15:59] [patronscreenname]: can I bring you anything?
[15:59] Upennlib: I’m good, thanks. enjoy the sun for all us on the inside!
[15:59] [patronscreenname]: of course
[15:59] [patronscreenname]: enjoy
[16:00] Upennlib: thanks. take care!


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