pixelnotes_01_small.jpgpixelnotes_05_small.jpgI’m not going to lie, I’m a bit of an office supply and writing instrument junkie. Index cards? Moleskines? Binder clips? Love ’em. If you’re ever in Japan (or on eBay) I suggest picking up some Pilot G-Tec-C4 gel ink pens. They are better than expensive fountain pens I’ve used. Amazing!

But this post isn’t about pens, it is about paper. In particular, wallpaper that consists of four layers of post-it note like squares. What’s even better is that the layers are different shades of grey (perfect), so shapes form as pieces are used and the wallpaper is peeled away.

Check out Duncan Wilson’s pixelnotes, a great example of taking something functional and turning into art. Now how am I going to DIY a small version of this…?

7 thoughts on “pixelnotes”

  1. Kickass wallpaper!! And I love the G-Tec-C4, best pen ever.
    However I see it all the time in Canada… so I don’t think it’s a japan thing.

  2. This was not a collaboration between Duncan Wilson and Sirkka Hammer, it is solely the work of Sirkka Hammer. Wilson is taking credit for something that was not his concept. When this was shown originally, Sirkka won the competition as a solo artist. Wilson knows this and is taking credit where credit is not deserved.

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