the great IM

UPDATE: this post might be breaking my feed, which bloglines doesn’t seem to be reading. testing, testing.

Steven Bell and I wrote some skits for the Soaring to Excellence teleconference that we did. COD filmed professional actors performing our astute works and now I have copies of them. Here’s the one on IM.

Listen for my favorite line. In response to kids in the library a librarian says, “I saw them laughing!”

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  1. I would like to read the rest of this blog but cannot find it in your archives? Why?

    IM reference talking points
    Chicago-area librarian Aaron Schmidt offers some reasons why instant messaging might be a good tool for reference services: “Don’t worry, people aren’t going to get mad if you’re helping people online when they walk up as long as you explain what you’re doing. Use those moments to promote your service!” The University of Guelph Library has already started using it….
    Walking Paper blog, Nov. 2

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