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It is a bit nutty how popular flickr has become at library conferences. Look at the growth of photos taken, uploaded, and tagged with:

il2006 – 1,880
il06 – 117
total – 1997 (as of this blog post)

il2005 – 326
il05 – 564
total – 890 (as of this blog post)

That’s more than double in a year. And there seems to be more agreement on the preferred tag, though I think the one favored wasn’t the reported “official” tag. Guess that didn’t matter.

Looking at nearly 2000 photos over the past week has taken some time and at first I was concerned that the signal to noise ratio was too high (“Another sea lion pic!?!”) I think I’ve changed my mind though. I think. Insert a discussion of the long tail and wisdom of the crowd here.

One more comparo for you. The tag ala2006 has 3,647 tags. Ala2005? Only 631.

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  1. Aaron,

    I think your point is exactly right. Still, I think there are a couple of other factors in the ALA increase from 2005 to 2006.

    1) There was not as much awareness of the ala2005 tag as there was the ala2006 tag. I tagged my 2005 photos as ALAconference, not knowing the other.

    2) There was a lot more to photograph in New Orleans, with the volunteer efforts and the hurricane tours. There was a tremendous feeling of mission among the attendees to report on what had happened in New Orleans. I know I posted 11 photos from Chicago 2005 and then posted 85 from New Orleans.

    I like the noise photos. There are seals as well as sea lions.


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