new gadgets presentation

Yesterday I gave a presentation with Barbara Fullerton and Sabrina Pacifici about new and upcoming gadgets. We intended the session to be fun as well as informational. Judging by the laughs, we were successful. I don’t use too many gadgets (ok, maybe I’m in denial – cell for camera/internet/text, GPS, bike computers, more ipods than I care to mention. oh, and that doesn’t count my proclivity towards kitchen appliances…) but think it is useful for us to think about them. Not every gadget in the presentation is 100% library related, but they still help flesh out what kind of world libraries are and will be operating in. Can you imagine trying to provide recipe content for people’s electronic refrigerators? That’s enough for me to start longing for a card catalog.

Here is it: Gadget,Gadgets, Gadgets [pdf]

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