the learning community

One text for my Admin of the School Media Center class this quarter is Information Power: Building Partnerships for Learning which is put out by ALA. The opening chapter forwards the idea of creating a “learning community” in schools:

“This new learning community is not limited by time, place, age, occupation, or disciplinary borders but instead is linked by interest, need, and a growing array of telecommunications technology” (p. 2)

Isn’t that a nice notion? Because there can’t be community without interaction, this concept provides a useful framework for thinking about school libraries in the age of the two-way web. It even expressly states that people are linked by technology. This should provide some evidence for school librarians trying to utilize social software to engage their students. It also presents a non-hierarchical view of student-teacher relationships. Inspiring!

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  1. A controversial pending legislation: it is called DOPA (Deleting Online Predators Act), and would restrict schools and libraries that receive e-rate funds from allowing minors to access social networking software sites and chat rooms.

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