A while back I posted about IM and SMS ruining Canadian’s command of grammar. I missed a useful bit in the study, which I’ll now post here. The University of Toronto magazine [scroll down] lists the frequency at which IM lingo is used.

Frequency per 100,000 words:
LOL — “laughing out loud”: 195
omg — “oh my god”: 107
brb — “be right back”: 31
ttyl — “talk to you later: 30
btw — “by the way”: 22
nvm — “never mind”: 7
gtg — “gotta go”: 5
np — “no problem: 4
nm — “not much”: 3
lmao — “laughing my ass off”: 2

There you have it. Quite likely the only guide you probably won’t need to decipher patron IMs.

One thought on “omgbbq”

  1. im surprised ‘brb’ isnt more often used.

    i dont think that the use of IM lingo has an effect on a person’s ability to properly use grammar whatsoever. as long as they know the difference between “your” and “youre”, they can omglolz!!11 at me till their heart’s content.

    im too lazy for the shift key, but i DO know how to capitalize when necessary. ;)

    i feel weird without my pink text, however.

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