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dialog binder I went on campus yesterday and as I was locking up my bike I noticed some large bins that read “PSU Recycles” and “free binders.” I didn’t really need a binder but out of curiosity I peeked in. It must have been a bit of a time machine in there because it contained binders with all sorts of 70s and 80s designs. The red striping on the back of this one caught my eye. I turned it over and to my delight it was the former home of a guide to searching Dialog. Always a librarian!

Anyone ever use this guide? Is Dialog still being taught in LIS programs? Have a great weekend all!

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  1. Acutally, It’s still being heavily taught by Dr. Froehlich at Kent State (unfortunately). I believe in Library Science, but students getting into their Information Architecture / Knowledge Management program get a HEAVY does of it their first course. It’s the ENTIRE class (or at least was).

  2. I had a SLIS class (2003/2004) that heavily featured Dialog searching. They have since placed another instructor and she focuses on Internet searching. Though, I must say, I still learned a lot about forming good queries from Dialog.

  3. I had a database searching class at IU SLIS in 2004 that was about 75% Dialog. I think that it was worthwhile for the techniques that were being taught, and I may even get to use those Dialog skills someday, as Dialog is occasionally utilized at one of the libraries taht I work at.

  4. At the University of Hawaii, sadly, DIALOG is no more. It is part of a course called Advanced Online Searching, but according to the professor, the demand for the course is so low that they haven’t offered it in years.

  5. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, when I was a stay at home dad, I searched databases as a subcontractor for an information broker (anyone remember them). I had several Dialog binders with sheets describing every database, the fields to search, the prefixes to use, etc. I remember this binder well.

  6. this past spring at Rutgers we endured about 8 weeks of Dialog in Principles of Searching – but there was no teaching of it – do this exercise, now this one, now another. We complained -loudly- and there is word the course has been revamped. Though it still includes Dialog, because some there just hang onto things like that simply because its what they were taught in lib school (or so it seems). Given the horrendousness of this spring’s experience, I think I would have pulled an Office Space like moment on that binder.

  7. Linda Smith still teaches it in her reference course at UIUC. She uses it as a tool for teaching about query formation (as was mentioned by someone else above as a benefit).

  8. Still being taught at the University of Kentucky SLIS program. I have to agree with Sara — I learned a lot about search strategy from using Dialog!

  9. dialog was taught at FIMS (university of western ontario) when i went through in 2004, and it’s currently taught at FIS (university of toronto). funny thing is, library school is the one and only place i have, or likely ever will, use dialog ; )

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