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We’re all aware that some academic and public libraries have been using MySpace (see Jenny’s post about the recent US News article too!) to remain relevant and market themselves, but what about school libraries?

It being a hot-button issue and certainly blocked in 99.999% of schools, I imagine school librarians would have a heck of a time getting any sort of admin approval for this. I can hear the conversation. “If we have a MySpace, that’ll *condone* kids visiting the site and it will connect them with molesters!” Right. Because they’re not using it anyways. God forbid there’s any positive influence or education by example going on.

But I digress. Please let me know if you know of any school libraries (or schools in general) with a MySpace account. Thanks!

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  1. I did a search for this last week – I could find one school librarian with an active presence and interacting with his students. There were signs of a private book club on MySpace for the school, Mountain View (or Valley) High School. Otherwise, I drew a blank. (I missed Olentangy Liberty, sorry!)
    My opinion is that MySpace can be an excellent space for the teen section of the local library, but I have decided against having a school presence. Our kids are all in Bebo and Hi5 anyway.. smiles..

  2. I have had a watching brief over our students in the library since Easter. Our network is for class-related work only, so they have been transferring files mainly, and 2 students have created responses in English that were very well received. (And yes, they have shared profiles!) BUT, big BUT … to be honest, there are more appropriate ways to transfer files, and there are other places to produce similar work with fewer complications. It only took one or 2 to cross the boundaries. We owe it to our students as duty of care, to create limits if they cannot be self limiting. We are not talking molesters, but student/student issues.

  3. Hey Jan, I’m very interested in the results of your experiments. You didn’t really miss Olentangy…the profile has since switched to a personal one….

    I’d love to see the profiles of the schools you found!


  4. i need to get on myspacae @ school i mean come on people we can always find a way on its not like we are dumb well first off we know hot protect our selfs and we know who to talk to and who not to talk to i mean we can tell when when someone is werid and we know when to stop talking to someone and its not like im gonna tell someone where i live im not stupid now mayb if i was like 5 then i would but im not so come on people let us get on !!!!!! so please help me find a way to get on you can send it to me at my e-mail address it [email protected]

  5. man yall dumb ppl are useing these sites to block the websites your just telling them the e-mail…come on you gotta think?? duh but theres way on it, i just cant find it lol

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