library n00b

Working in a library (especially one in the same town in which I lived) for the past 5+ years I never really placed ILL requests using anything other than the staff mode of our ILS. Now that I’m a bit more removed from a library setting I’m having to work a bit harder to look at books.

I think only 15 minutes had passed from when I got my Multnomah County Library card to when I placed a hold online. A few days later, I received my first ever hold notification via email, and now my limit of 15 holds at a time has been nearly met.

It’s like I’ve passed some sort of milestone.

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  1. hey kris!

    i’m reading some good stuff:

    -The Cloud Garden: A True Story of Adventure, Survival, and Extreme Horticulture


    -The Adventure Motorcycling Handbook

    Still waiting for an item with a bunch of holds. Oh well, that’s the game!

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