read a good bokilur lately?

The other day, had a post titled “Audiobooks for phones” about a product and company in Sweden.

Bokilur is Swedish for book on phone. And the company offers exactly that: audiobooks for cellphones. …

Books are usually split into 5 parts, each of which costs SEK 30 (USD 4.10/EUR 3.25), and is between 50 and 150 minutes long. Payment is processed through the user’s normal phone bill. Available titles include popular fiction, literature, children’s books, business titles and language courses. …

For consumers, downloading on the go is far more convenient than downloading to a non-phone mp3 player, does away with the need to carry multiple devices, and allows for spontaneous downloads. …

Bokilur definitely benefits from 3G bandwidth being cheap in Sweden, which has made for far wider adoption of mobile services than in countries where mobile downloads are prohibitively expensive.

I don’t know if the cell phone situation in the US is fertile ground for this type of service. We aren’t (yet?) as attached to our mobile devices as Europe and Japan, but certain segments of the popular are certainly getting there. Telco download offerings so far have been pretty poor, DRM-laden, and expensive.

I wonder if Sweden’s libraries feel the need to compete with Bokilur. I suppose that might depend on just how popular the service is.

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  1. I would certainly go in for this. My partners do most of their reading on Palms, but I still have a weakness for good audiobooks. My single question is, what on earth would the minutes charge be on that? Because you *know* there’d be extra fees in there somewhere.

    (Oh, and you’re a bad influence– I’ve had to be talked down from buying a DSLite. Twice. I’ve been told Santa may be listening, though.)

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