DSing on the Plane

DSing on the planeI lived the Digital Natives conference travelling to and fro Boise. On both trips I found myself next to some young people travelling alone, and I knew it wouldn’t be difficult to make airplane friends with them. Both had their Nintendo DSs along for the journey and were bug-eyed excited when I brought out my DS lite. We linked up our machines and had fun passing time and riding out about 50 minutes of turbulence! At one point during the trip back, the young woman was playing New Super Mario Bros. with me, chatting and listening to her iPod. Wowza. That’s more stimuli than I’m used to having at once.

5 thoughts on “DSing on the Plane”

  1. I’ve been doing a bunch of traveling recently, but have yet to run into anybody else on the plane with a DS (keep hoping it’ll happen!)

    Also, every time I see a picture of the DS Lite I get more and more tempted to upgrade…

  2. Dude! I so nearly bought a DS Lite yesterday in Tokyo but they were all sold out.

    I haven’t owned a gaming device since my original Game Boy which I gave away a couple of years ago but I need that Dr Kawashima Brain Training game (except the sudoku bit, blah).

  3. Now if only we could’ve worked it out to be playing our DS Lites during the Digital Natives conference, that would’ve been worth even more street cred. Next time you’re out in Idaho, maybe?

    Also, thanks again for being at the Digital Natives conference! It was really great to have you there as a presenter!

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