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Wrapping up the Digital Natives conference there was a huge brainstorming session in which people worked together (just as if they were DNs themselves!) to come up with some great ideas to get started on. The presenters recapped what went on, and I chose to spend my time highlighting the theme of gaming in libraries. There were a number of edu-gaming links in my aggregator this morning that really came in handy. They mostly came out of the NECC I’m pretty sure, and in particular from Tim Lauer’s site. So, here are some games with great potential:

Dimenxian – Learn Math or Die Trying. Homework just got Hard

PeaceMaker – Be the Prime Minister of Israel or Palestinian President

Disaffected – Be a Kinko’s employee

Darfur is Dying – Prevent genocide

Food Force – Prevent hunger

Peter the Packet – Play the role of a packet of data on the web.

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